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Bodacious Corn Seed For Sale

Bodacious Corn Seed For Sale

Bodacious Corn Seed

Bodacious Corn Seed is fairly new to the scene but has taken corn gardens over all across the country. This is called a triple sweet variety and is cutting edge in corn breeding technology.

This hybrid has definitely earned a permanent position in our home garden. We haven't found anything better and don't really have a reason to look elsewhere.

Bodacious corn grows to 8 feet and produces 8" ears with an 18 row count in 75 days. This is hands down the most superior corn we have ever grown. Bodacious Corn is easy to grow, absolutely delicious and it keeps and freezes quite well.

Bodacious Corn seed has also become a very sought after variety for market growers and buyers alike. If you sell a customer Bodacious corn they will come back for more, we guarantee it! Once you yourself try this variety you will also grow Bodacious corn seed again and again for many years to come.

Sow Bodacious Corn seed 3" apart as soon as all chance of frost has passed. Keep moist until sprouts are established then thin to 6 - 9 inches. Bodacious corn seed should be planted in rows to ensure pollination. A group of at least 3 rows 2-3 feet apart is most effective.

Bodacious Corn needs fertile well drained soil to thrive and produce the best quality ears. Plenty of nitrogen early on definitely helps corn reach it's potential. Once tassels appear a good quality fruiting or bloom fertilizer works great.

Once Bodacious Corn is established water when soil becomes dry.

Packet contains 100 Bodacious Corn seed.

These seeds are for planting only. They have been treated with captan, thiram and methoxyclor. Do not use for food, feed or oil purposes.

Corn Seed For Sale 
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bodacious corn seeds for salebodacious corn seeds

Millington Seed packets come complete with growing instructions on each packet. The seeds are in small reusable Zippit bags.

These re-closable bags keep your seeds safe from moisture and from being lost from falling out of the ordinary paper seed envelopes after opening.

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